Preventing Plumbing DIsasters

Nothing is worse than a plumbing disaster or even a leak which has gone undetected until it starts to cause structural damage to your home or business. Even the most plumbing-savvy homeowner is not beyond having an occasional plumbing problem, including those who have had a problem in the past.

Leaks cause disasters


Some of the worst damage is caused by small, undetected leaks which damage cabinets, walls, flooring, and other parts of the home. It can also cause hidden mold, which will require treatment above and beyond replacement of damaged building materials. 

How hard water affects plumbing

When hard water attacks plumbing, it does so gradually and quietly, and our water is very hard.

Hard water clogs the components of a plumbing system. For example, the minerals attach to and cause valves to leak. They will also destroy fixtures such as sink faucets. And, of course, they will attach to pipes. Appliances aren’t spared either; eventually, the dishwasher, washing machine, and other water-using appliances will have to be cleaned and descaled.

The soft water solution

While some people don’t care for them, water softeners take the hard minerals out of the water, meaning there is less chance of leaks caused by mineral build-up. Valves, pipes, and fixtures all benefit from softened water, and the likelihood of a leak caused by mineralization is lower. 

A water softener can neutralize hard water problems. While they aren’t cheap, the cost of a water softener can be offset by the amount of money for plumbing, soap, etc. it saves.

Avoiding emergencies

No one wants to have a pipe burst at midnight or the water heater to quit working the morning they have a big presentation at work. Regular plumbing care minimizes the likelihood of emergency plumbing issues. 

There are things a homeowner can do regularly to prevent plumbing damage and catch plumbing problems when they are small and manageable. We will address those chores in a future blog. 

Not everyone is inclined to keep a close eye on plumbing or wants a water softener for their home. For those who don’t want to do their own plumbing maintenance, a visit from your friendly plumber is another solution, one which can find plumbing issues before they break or get out of control and help prevent problems before they start. Regardless of which option you choose, give us a call! We would be happy to help you with prevention or repairs.

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