Does Your Home Need a Water Softener?

In our last blog, we talked about the damage hard water can have on plumbing in the home and the troubles which can arise as a result. But there are other ways a homeowner will know they may want a water softener before they develop plumbing problems. Here are some of them:

Poor soap performance


When soap mixes with hard water, instead of creating a rich, creamy lather, it falls dismally short in the suds department. A water softener maximizes soap performance, which means it not only suds up, but it also does a better job of cleaning. Your clothes may not get as clean as they could unless you use more soap.

Spots on dishes

When your dishes come out of the dishwasher with spots on them, you may be tempted to blame the dishwasher, when, in fact, it's the hard water which is creating the spots.  There are all kinds of hacks and tips to clean your dishwasher and additives to make your dishes' spotless.' But, the source of all of these problems is the hard water, and a homeowner should be aware that continually adding vinegar to the dishwasher can eventually damage the seal.

Nasty fixture residue

Hard water will also leave a nasty mineral crust on fixtures, marring their appearance and often causing performance issues such as the flush holes of a toilet or dribbling from a shower spray.

Clogged pipes?

No, minerals won't block your pipes like concrete. Sure, you'll need to clean the dishwasher and add a rinse additive. And almost everyone has had the experience of a calcium-encrusted coffee maker. But, just because your drip coffee maker eventually won't drip anymore without a cleaning, please don't think your pipes are going to be blocked like that. Pretending you'll lose water pressure is a silly sales tactic. Unless your home has galvanized piping, the mineral buildup is going to cause far worse problems to your water heater, fixtures and valves (and coffee maker!)  than it is to your pipes. But, those are troublesome enough.

Water softeners offer a different water experience than hard water. A homeowner should carefully evaluate the things which are relevant to him before making a decision. The cost of extra soap, replacing valves and fixtures versus the price of a water softener and maintenance is a personal one. We have customers who never want to live without their soft water and other customers who don't care. They're both right, but for different reasons. So, does your home need a water softener? No, but you might want one. If you do, we can help install or repair it.

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