Taking Care of Your Sink Problems

The sink is undoubtedly the heart of any kitchen. Almost nothing happens in the kitchen without the use of the sink. As a result, a homeowner wants a kitchen sink which works 100% of the time. But, like anything else, sometimes the sink can have bad days. Here are some common causes of sink issues in the home:

Leaking faucets

Leaky faucets are way more common than most people realize. The little bit of wasted water adds up, and the noise of constant dripping can be unnerving. But, the biggest problem is that a leak can be an omen of more significant problems later with a part which is ‘a little bit’ broken now.

Clogged drain


Is there anything we hate worse than a drain clog? Here is a blog on ways to keep drains clear. (HINT: Don’t use chemicals!) But, the easiest way to prevent a drain from clogging is to avoid putting anything down the drain which might cause it to jam. It sounds much easier than it is to practice.

Clogged faucet aerator

If you haven’t cleaned the aerator on your faucet in a while, prepare to be amazed. That tiny screen on the end of your faucet spout is there to make the stream of water smooth and uniform by adding air into the mix. The aerator can become blocked with mineral deposits, as well as dirt and even tiny bits of rock.

Slow water flow

Sink faucets come with a ceramic disc cartridge, located in the handle portion of the faucet. When it becomes clogged with mineral buildup or bits of sediment, similar to the faucet aerator, it will slow the flow. If you have a slow sink, this is one of the things we will check.

Leaking valve

If you’re one of those people who store items beneath your sink, a leaking valve isn’t always readily apparent.  It may leak slowly for quite a while and quietly damage the bottom of the cabinet, clot the powdered cleaners, and attract insects before you notice.  Some homeowners never know they have a leaky valve until the odor of mold or wood rot draws their attention.

We strongly urge homeowners to check beneath all of their sinks on a regular basis, especially if they own an older home. Moisture sensor alarms are also very convenient.

Leaking drain

When the drain leaks, the water is from the sink or dishwasher leaking from the drainpipe as it exits the cabinet. So, it will only drip during use. A drain leak is another one a homeowner typically won’t notice until it causes damage or an odor.  

If you are experiencing one of these problems with your sink, a professional plumber can repair them. You may wonder why we don’t always encourage homeowners to save money and attempt their own repairs.  The reason you may not want to try to repair your own plumbing is twofold. First, it’s a bit messy and requires tools and knowledge. Second, the plumbing in your home is like the bones in your body. If you dislocate one, you may be able to put it back in place yourself successfully.  But, you may not want to as you run the risk of doing further damage.

As always, we are available to help in either case.

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