Plumbing Options for Environmental Sustainability

Water is a precious commodity in Arizona.

Water is a precious commodity in Arizona.

Recent environmental reports have all of us wondering how we can do more to protect our fragile environment.  This is especially true for those of us who live in the desert and realize that our water supply is dropping rapidly.

So, today we’re going to look at some eco-friendly plumbing technology. These are the types of devices that your plumber can replace when your old one goes kaput. They save a small amount of water, which, over the years lead to significant savings. While it isn’t worth it to replace them on a whim, it’s certainly worth considering when the time comes. These devices save water and some even save energy.

WaterSense toilets

WaterSense toilets are designed to flush with 1.28 gallons or less. Back when people put bricks in their toilet tank, they had the right idea, but the design of the old toilets didn’t offer good pressure force.  A toilet without flush power is severely lacking! Newer technology gives a lower amount of water good strength, making WaterSense a better option.

Dual Flush

If one flush is good, two is better, right? No--the object behind a dual flush system is to have a small flush for the time when only a little flush is needed, and a more powerful and water-consuming flush when a tsunami may be in order. It’s a brilliant concept which even the ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’ crowd can get behind.


Water-efficient showerheads used to be a nightmare. A bather was forced to run around in the shower trying to get wet. The pressure was non-existent.  But, newer technology offers good pressure and coverage without draining the hot water tank, which saves money on the cost to heat it. There are a variety of options and styles to consider. This water economy is especially handy for families with many members who take showers fairly close together.


Irrigation clocks, low flow irrigation heads, drip systems, and other irrigation options can save water in several ways. First, by using a Smart irrigation clock, the landscape doesn’t get more water than it needs. If you’ve ever watched sprinklers come on during a monsoon rain, you know how important it is to be able to change the clock.

Secondly, these devices deliver water where it’s needed, Drip systems provide water right to the root ball, and do so without unnecessary runoff. The same is true of low flow spray heads, which deliver water slowly to the lawn, thereby giving the water a chance to soak in. A retrofit of an existing irrigation system to low flow spray heads will provide instant water savings.

Your plumber can keep you abreast of new plumbing technology as our trade continues to discover new ways to deliver safe, clean water, provide for landscape needs and lessen the amount of water we waste.

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