Why a Big Bathroom Remodel isn’t Always Necessary

If a bathroom has become tired and dated, the temptation may be to plan a big remodeling project. But judicious use of certain elements can go a long way in updating a bathroom without the need for a general contractor or budget overhaul Here are some ways to update a bathroom without remodeling.

A little bit of work can go a long way when it comes to transforming a bathroom, especially if a homeowner is generally happy with the bathroom, but it just looks a little tired. There’s no need to get a second mortgage for granite counters and flooring. Some homeowners are finding that even small changes can yield satisfying results. Here are some options which can revitalize your bathroom.

New plumbing fixtures

New fixtures can make a bathroom look great, especially if they’re intended to replace those peeling, calcium-encrusted ones which have been there since the eighties. New fixtures can make sinks look like new.

Your household might be ready for a Smart faucet or a Peerless 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) for those who have kids who like to run the water but are on a budget.

Low GPF toilets

When it comes time to replace your old toilet, consider a low gallons-per-flush (GPF) toilet. An older toilet can use three to five gallons per flush. How much can a low GPF toilet save? The WaterSense people are happy to help you calculate that with their handy calculator tool.

It will take many years for a homeowner to recoup the cost of the new toilet, so while it isn’t worth it to replace a working commode, when it’s time to replace it, a Watersense toilet is a way to go.


Caulking gets old and dirty, and sometimes it will even crack. While digging out the old caulking and redoing it is a pain, the results look great! New caulking is a project you can do yourself in a couple of hours.

New plumbing fixtures, a little beadboard and some paint made this bathroom gorgeous.

New plumbing fixtures, a little beadboard and some paint made this bathroom gorgeous.


Painting should be on the list of options, especially if the current paint looks tired. Painting a room is always makes a fresh start. Painting a bathroom is different than painting a bedroom because a bathroom is a place of high moisture. If you’ve had problems with mold or mildew on the paint before, go with a bathroom-specific paint. Otherwise, go with name-brand premium paint. Do not use a no-name latex paint in your bathroom, because it’s just an invitation for mold growth.


Poor lighting makes occupants look bad. Layered lighting will make the occupant look better and feel better. If your bathroom depresses you, add more lighting. Plumbers see a lot of bathroom lighting that makes them want to call up their electrician buddy. Even different styles of light fixtures can go a long way to fixing the poor lighting.



Flooring tile should be set on the diagonal in a bathroom since people tend to count the tiles when they’re in the bathroom. Tile counting can be thrown off by putting tile on the diagonal, which looks nice and will make the bathroom seem larger, as well.

If you decide to do a mini-remodel, look around the bathrooms and see what you’d genuinely like to fix. Consider the top three things you dislike about the bathroom. You may be surprised to discover it isn’t as unfixable as it seems.

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