When a Home Might Need a Sewer Cleanout

No one likes to think of what could happen in the event of a significant plumbing clog, but when it happens, sometimes your plumber will want to install a sewer cleanout on your property. While some homes are equipped with an indoor cleanout, say, in the utility room or another indoor area of the house, a clog cleanout can be a messy proposition, meaning that it’s nothing you want happening within your home.


The gravity of a backup

A second consideration is the point of the clog. Because if the clog is on the top floor, or at the high end of the home, gravity is not a problem. However, if a leak is on the lower level or the lower side of the house, during the cleanout, all of the water in the higher part of the pipes is going to come rushing out. Any time one is dealing with water from the waste system, it’s vastly preferable to have it flowing outdoors, rather than in the home.

Also, a clog in the pipes, whether it’s in the home or between the house and the street, will have to be rootered out. While we do our best to keep plumbing equipment clean, it’s still a sewer machine, and going into many sewer pipes, and therefore subject to contamination.

Single vs. double sweep sewer cleanout

While a single sewer cleanout tee is a few bucks cheaper, it only sweeps in one direction. As a result, it makes more sense to put in a double sweep, especially if you’ve had plumbing issues in the past. Long sweeps are always preferable to short sweeps in cleanouts. There is also a two-way cleanout tee, which is shorter but can go in both directions. Your plumber will know which one is to code for your situation.

The pipe indoors is also smaller in diameter than the pipe outdoors, which means a larger diameter for waste to flow, lessening a chance for blockage before the waste travels to the sewer system.

Pipe damage

The sewer pipe buried in the yard can be subject to problems as the result of improper installation, damage, and root invasion. The capacity to deal with these issues from outside the home makes the most sense. The potential for damage inside the house to the toilet, floors, walls, or other fixtures is eliminated.

As you can see, there are some excellent reasons to consider having a sewer cleanout installed outside your home. Safety, cleanliness, and effectiveness are all critical in the event of a significant clog, and a sewer cleanout outside the house will aid tremendously, especially if you have frequent problems with your sewer drainage.

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